For over 40 years, Standing Together to End Sexual Assault has transformed the lives of thousands of sexual assault survivors and their loved ones.  Your contributions have helped create a safe and empowering place where survivors and their loved ones can heal from the devastating effects of sexual assault.

With your help, we have educated and empowered our community in taking steps to end sexual assault.  Through awareness campaigns and prevention presentations, students, business and governmental leaders, members of the faith community, and community members from various walks of life have discovered the role each has in ending sexual assault.

Your support of our services helps make Santa Barbara a safer place. Please make a contribution today!


Volunteers serve as a vital support network to Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA), providing over 20,000 hours of service to the community each year.

You can volunteer to become a Certified Sexual Assault Counselor, join our Speakers’ Bureau, or becoming part of the steering committee for our next Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign!


Sexual assault is an issue rooted in social expectations about gender, power, and sexuality. In order to end this type of violence, we must examine the ways in which our own behavior reinforces unhealthy expectations. Only by taking a closer look at our own beliefs and prejudices can we move our society from rape culture to consent culture.