Medical Options

All medical options are available to survivors, regardless of whether they choose to report the sexual assault to Law Enforcement. It is important to note that, as mandated reporters, medical personnel are required to contact law enforcement in cases of suspected sexual assault. However, a survivor always has the right to decline an interview with law enforcement.  STESA does not provide any medical services, but can provide information about and referral to medical service providers.  Advocates are available to accompany survivors to assault related medical appointments.

Treatment of Injuries
Due to the shock of experiencing sexual assault, a survivor may not be fully aware of any injuries they may have sustained. A medical exam ensures that any injuries are identified and treated appropriately.

Pregnancy Prevention
Advocates are available to discuss options with survivors concerned about their risk of pregnancy, emergency contraception and pregnancy testing.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Prevention
Testing and treatment are available for sexually transmitted infections. Advocates are available to provide referrals.